Looking for a site that has sector information.

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  1. What is a good site that would give me a breakdown of different stocks on their specific sectors. eg. Energy, Bio, Precious metals etc. and maybe an even further breakdown of the above.

  2. I use Barcharts.com
    try it..
  3. Is this a bookstore or something?? How do I find what I'm looking for??

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    What kind of breakdown do you actually want? Dondinero's site recommendation (barchart) mainly discuss the technical breakdown of each industry.

    If you are only looking for a news for certain sector (for fundamentals that is), you can check Yahoo's Finance or seekingalpha.com
  5. I'm just looking for something very basic. For example, I would like to know which companies deal with gold or oil etc.
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    I was wondering if people had recommendations for trading software (programs)--I would prefer Artificial Intelligence to any "Black Box" programs but success is always the ultimate determinant.

    I also wanted to know if anybody had an opinion on DynamicTrend software
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    Has anybody used VisualTrader 3.0 (it is made by Nirvana, the same people that make OmniTrader etc,)?
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    You're posting in the wrong thread. Use the search function, top right of the page, click on Search and enter your keywords.
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