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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by trade1972, Dec 26, 2008.

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    I am a novice using NinjaTrader, amptrading, and zen-fire. Is there a way to automate bracketing a timeframe? Lets say I want to bracket the first fifteen minutes of the day. Buy stop above, sell stop below. Can it be set so that if the sell fills the buy is ready to go should the market come up and take out that stop ... kind of hard to explain. If is not possibe, who would you recommend contacting to write a simple program like that? I guess it is just bracketing a timeframe automatically. Any help would be appreciatted
  2. I suspect this is a system you have backtested and it performs very well. If so, be forwarned that any backtesting software must make very questionable assumptions when dealing with entries on stops. In many cases only a few people made the proft shown in backtesting. The price is usually moving against you fairly rapidly when the conditions are right to make a profit so the trick is being there first. If you have already thought this through and know how to trade these setups successfuly in real time then I can help since I have some experience with this. However, my platform is home grown (none of the platforms you mention) and only works on IB - other than that I'm completely flexible :)
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    If you are just trading U.S. stocks, including ETFs, the CoolTrade point-and-click system can be setup to do what you are describing in about 2 minutes.