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Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by aslv2000, Nov 17, 2009.

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    I have been working for the last two years trying to develop a trading system that will produce a monthly net profit of around US $ 10,000 rather straight forward (without many discretionary entries) starting with three or less contracts in the E-mini S&P (or any other market including currency futures) without success.

    I am looking for someone that has a proven and back tested system with these characteristics to make her/him an interesting business proposal.

  2. Trying to decide who will get taken worse, you or the person with a "proven system..."
  3. I'm afraid the only way to get a more or less fixed and secure return on a monthly basis is by investing in US Treasuries, try a 5% coupon rate on a 200K face value.
  4. 10,000 a month is quite a bit my friend..

    With only 3 contracts max?

    My best system over the past 3 years uses a max of 4 contracts at a time (obviously you could scale it higher) but can only produce 23% ROR.

    Take in mind, this is through a quick bull,volatile bear->bull market, and this is a short term swing trade setup as well. So it is hard to say how something will perform in the future..

    I guess you could analyze it against the VIX over that given time period - if that is the case then IMO analyzing a system would be that much easier.

    That - AND - the user must have A+ Risk Management, never anything more on the table than 5% etc..

    I have been looking for people that can beat my best program using strict risk management with my type of system. Not that I am boasting, but there is something I am obviously missing perhaps, and at the same time that person might be missing what I know - so put 2 and 2 together and there you go.

    Of course that is a too good to be true scenario most likely, and I do not have the capital anyways ($45,000) to do this, but I have had some side offers that just did not end up being attractive enough to me IMO at least. In the meantime I am broke, but have champagne and caviar dreams ;)

    Good luck