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  1. I understand we probably have compltely different styles, but I easily gross well over 1K a day just scalping. On average 1 out 5 days I end up negative NET......but I haven't had a negative gross day in months. It really is not HARD at all.
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  2. What stocks do you trade and how big do you go?
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  3. IBM MU TXN TYC, and what ever is in the news 2000 a side
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    Good for you, where do you work?
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  5. ECHO
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    Stock mergers, I believe.
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  7. Gotta agree with sd on that one.. But forget these Gross numbers, if you trade for a living, Gross #s don't mean jack!
    These traders that are "gross positive, net negative", what the hell are they living on?
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  8. Believe it or not, some prop firms actually pay out a small percentage of gross P&L, even if your net is negative. That's because they feel a little guilty for raping you with high commissions. This makes them feel generous in giving back a little of the profits you made for the firm in tickets, so you'll continue making money for them. Go figure...
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    Reminds me of that Little Rascals show where they had a cart hooked up to a donkey. When they wanted to go forward, they had a carrot on a string at the end of the stick held out in front of the donkey and the donkey would walk forward to try to reach it. When they wanted to stop, they hid the carrot.

    "Well, you had a net loss, but you've made us a lot of money, so we'll give you some back so that you'll keep trading and making us more money".
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    Shoney pays ouy 20% of the traders Gross
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