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    what part of the counrty are you in ?
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  2. ~~~~~When you say "golden handcuffs", do you mean that you and EQ had to sign a no-competition contract? Or that you won't get your bonus unless you hang around until the end of the year? ~~~~~~~~

    The latter.
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  3. You wondered why I'm no longer with Bright.

    Two main reasons:

    1) I got a better deal

    2) I don't need the leverage anymore


    1) I was tired of getting up at 3:30-4:00am

    2) I had done well enough to take some time off-- a few years---say, 10. My obligations are few. I'm finding life without trading boring. I enjoy the mental stimulation.

    3) I wanted to concentrate on losing weight. I was 300 lbs when I left at the end of January. Tammy Bright's shopping trips to Smart & Final for snacks/sweets were legendary. Don Bright had a drawer filled with Hershey's kisses and those mini-chocolate bars you give to kids on Halloween. ( I'm 255 now and dropping).
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  4. dilman57


    Are you still trading?Who offered a better deal than Bright?
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  5. axehawk


    Are you the guy from the Vegas office who's account was down to $4000, and then started arbing and making something like $20,000 a month? (This statement may descibe more than one person @Bright).

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  6. nitro


    I think I remember you - you sat with your back to Tammy, and set next to Earl?

    BTW, I am also interested in the questions posted above. If you prefer to not say the stuff in public, please PM me.

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  7. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    There's always the east coast, or if you want to get up an hour later, the Carribbean. Or a few hours later, Europe. Etc., etc., etc.!

    A trader can recoup his losses in snacks alone with amount of goodies that Bright has at that office!
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  8. I am sorry for my ignorance but.....
    Negative GROSS, are you kidding me? If anyone is actually negative gross and can't get at least 1K gross a day out of this market, you are in the wrong business.
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    I understand how easy that sounds, but in reality it is difficult even for prof. traders in this environment
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  10. What were they arbing?
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