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    I'm currently employed by Schonfeld Securities in Boca Raton, My total buying power is $4,000,000.00 and my Max size in any ONE position is 7,500 shares. I have been with this firm 6+ years.
    Unfourtunly, this firm is in an upheaval. Due to poor hiring practices 3 yrs ago,when they hired just about anyone ,I guess because anyone could make money in those market conditions. And now the chickens have come home to roost.
    I will most likely lose my kickers ( 7% of my gross revenues over the past two years) which were to paid out in December.I have been a very consistant preformer, in easy times as well as hard. But because of the instabilty and the decline in management as well as the poor moral among the traders I must look for other options.
    If someone can suggest a prop trading firm in Boca Raton or a firm that would allow me to trade from home, please advise........ Thanks in advance
  2. I know Echo and Bright allow trading from home.
  3. The office manager for Bright's Boca office is Chad. Feel free to give him a call at 561-997-6010.
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    Schonfeld does not require or allow trader capital. Are you willing to put up money at these other firms? Do you expect the same buying power numbers? You should answer these questions to yourself before calling Bright, Echo, Generic or ETG who all have offices in Boca.

    Are you saying that even if you stay at Schonfeld he is going to reneg on his committment to pay you at the end of the year?
    That is bad form...
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    Pointdirex has an office in Boca and in Orlando. I believe they still do prop trading, might want to contact them.



    Also I have + gross revenues 46 of the last 48mo.'s... And 14 out of the last 15.. And we all know how easy it is !!:confused:
  7. What are your net revenues? Positive? If you had negative gross, i.e. commission free, then you should get another job. No economically sane person would back a trader, including self backed, if he can't even make money gross over time.
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    I am in the same position with another firm.

    I am looking at Bright and Andover. I am located in West Palm and I know that Bright has an office in Boca. Andover might have one there if not they have one in Miami Beach.


    Believe me , lots of traders are neg. gross over the last year !
  10. I don't think Schonfeld would have held onto a trader who is gross negative. He has a very strong firm.. Would he risk his reputation to stiff traders?
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