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    I am a profitable trader with +10 years experience in equities and +4 years experience trading energy for the biggest utility company in the world. I am mainly a swing trader and I am looking for a prop firm to work with me.

    Could anyone help me ?
  2. give us a little more info like how much capital you want to put up, what BP you need, overnight BP, what rates you looking for, payout, what type of securities you want to trade?
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    I would look to trade ETFs and index futures, but I never worked before with a prop firm, I dont think I have an answer to your questions but I work with 2x leverage maximum in my own trading.
  4. Do you want to be a remote trader or an actual prop trader?
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    remote trader
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    Prop firms are in the business of providing leverage (rope to hang yourself). Is there any other business model where they would provide the capital to a good trader?
  7. Good traders will always be able to put up some capital as they are *successful". You trade under these conditions until mgmt is comfortable with your style of trading. Then you can start withdrawing capital which hopefully soon will exceed the initial amount your put up. Then they hold onto something like 2-3X your max drawdown and youre off to the races.

    No one in a remote prop environment will just give you capital to trade. In fact unless you have a verifiable automated system with consistent results, most won't give to discretionary systems.

    Of course you could always become a bank trader, and hope that the other dbags in the firm don't kill your bonus pool.

    If you can't put up 25K, then you ain't what you claim to be.
  8. Trade your own capital. Why join a prop firm?
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    25K is not the problem.

    I dont just dont see the point of joining a prop firm if all they provide me is leverage.
  10. If you have 10+ in equity experience, you should by now at least have 500K in assets. You don't need to join a prop firm. You should be well capitalized and your expenses are significantly lower trading as a non professional using a retail account.
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