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    I would like to ask for your advice.

    We are a mini branch ,we work since 6 years for a big Kanadian company and we decided to try somewhere else because we are not satisfied with the current conditions.
    We are 4 traders and this is our strategy simplified: we enter with slow-moving penny stocks shares with a big size and we get out as soon as it is possible with even half cent. D
    ark pools are an important part of our strategy ,so we are looking for a company who has acces to all the existing dark books.
    Our branch works with 15.000.000-30.000.000 shares per month but the profit is small compared to this, so we are looking for a company where the clearing fee is very low.
    The deposit is not a big problem, out letter of recommendation is all right, we would like to find a company for a long term.

    In summary: -reliable company, -lots of dark pool acces,- very low clearing fee, at least 85% payment.

    I am looking forward for your help


  2. Liquidus


    If your still looking in Canada.....

    Have a look at GMM - Golden Market Management.

    Robert is pretty flexible, aggressively expanding his business and may have what your looking for.

    I'm not currently with them, but will be shortly.


    Liquidus Holdings Inc.
  3. Since penny stocks are not marginable, most firms won't want you to trade them with any leverage. All stocks under $5.00 are 100% margin.

    The Canadian firm, likely Swift or similar is a whole different type of trading, not so much trading as collecting rebates and sub-pennies.

    I think you're better off keeping with your original firm, IMO.

    All the best,

  4. i can't possibly see this ending well for the broker lol