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    Thanks Uptick,

    That was helpful :)
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    Somehow I knew Uptick was a ski bum.

    On several occasions now I hear about communications delays via e-mail with Echo being an issue for current or prospective traders. The firm makes extensive use of instant messaging, through the msn messenger platform, and many of the firm's key people are on that system throughout the trading day. I never, in over a year of working with Echo, have had any trouble getting in touch with someone using this system. Additionally I am able to pick up the phone and call management at any time and they are invariably available.

    In no way am I affiliated with the firm in a promotional capacity, this is simply what my experience has been. I too am willing to provide additional information for interested traders via pm. Echo is certainly not perfect, but for me the communications arena has been an area in which I think they are exceptionally good.
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  3. how about a real futures prop firm -- do they exist?
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  4. AB Watley Group is currently organizing a prop group for trading futures. (40 wall, NYC)

    I know because I use to trade there, imo, they suck but just in case you're interested.

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    No offense, but I'd be skeptical of any firm that can't afford the $99 to register their own web address.

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    The firm is now in process of constructing a professional site.
    This is temp.
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