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  1. A real one. I've been in the business a long time.

    Right now the firm I'm with is making me jump through hoops to get some of the money in my account out. This seems a bit unfair, since it's my trading that put it there to begin with. I'm not ready to mention names yet.

    I'm sorry but I have a low tolerance for BS and would prefer a professional NYSE firm, not a retail firm that has a prop deal.

    I'm always gross positive and mostly net positive and I'll make you lots of money. All I ask is that you let me keep some. Let me build capital so I don't have to be your slave forever.

    Futures are a plus. Remote is (almost) essential.
  2. consider going without...

    daytrader margin at 4:1 has significantly closed the gap on prop firm offerings.

    consider all the protections that you get from being a full fledged customer account:
    a) SIPC and NASD protections
    b) ---
    c) ---
    d) ---
    e) ---
    f) no licensing requirements
    g) no timed restrictions on withdrawls
    h) none of the other complaints you mentioned

  3. I am giving retail a look. good points, all. advantages and disadvantages to both.
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  5. protecting your money is ALL THAT MATTERS.

    I went through hell with those ...its at Onsite.

    others went through bankruptcy because of other firms.

    protecting your money is ALL THAT MATTERS.

    they say that Echo is excellent, and that's good to hear. Details always trumphs fluff.

    Verify, not trust is always the watch word.

    protecting your money is ALL THAT MATTERS.
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    I am trading with Echotrade and I am very happy with them. Before I joined them I did quite a bit of research. Echo was the one that seemed best at the time. They also had the best reputation. Today I understand why. Everything is really cutting edge. I met quite a few of the people in their big offices as well and most of them are really great and very helpful. If you join them they will do everything they can to make you profitable. It won’t cost you a dime in schools or seminar if you don’t want to.

    Now when they added futures to the products there is not much else I can ask for.

    I would recommend anyone thinking about going prop to really do some deep research about the firms first. Try to find traders who trade with each firm and talk to them.

    You are more than welcome to drop me a note if you have any questions you think I can help you with.
  7. Yep Please contact Spoosman with questions about ECHO
    As I am no longer with the firm.

    I have reasons for leaving and will leave it at that.

  8. Robert

    I have for a few years followed your posts here on Elitetrader. I read them before you joined Echotrade and I read them now when you are with Lynx.

    If you had your reasons for leaving Echotrade, why don’t you tell us about them? Nobody here is interested unless you tell us the truth why. Right now it is kind of pathetic what you are doing and you are in my eyes ruining your own and your father’s reputation.

    It sounds like you are on a big advertisement campaign for Lynx.

    There are so many traders here on this board that is trading with Echotrade and they seem to like them a lot so your posts really stick out because you seem to be the only one thinking differently. So is it you or Echotrade that is the problem?

    Long Live Tradestation 6 :D
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    I've been happy with EchoTrade. Of course Echo is the only "pro" firm I've ever traded with. Never have I experienced the thrill of trading on the floor, in the pit, or in any other venue but electronic. Suppose I'm a bit of a neophyte on what's available out there; however, my interest is piqued too Robert: did you leave because of problems encountered as a trader or because of some kind of symbiotic vending relationship issue?

    The truth will set you free.
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