looking for a prop firm with a connection to pipeline

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I'm looking for a prop firm that has a connection to Pipeline. I e-mailed 15 firms last thursday and have only heard back from 2, so I thought I'd just ask fellow traders and get a much much quicker response.

    So if your prop firm has a connection to pipeline, post here (or pm me) the firms name... Being able to trade remote is a must for me let me know if your firm does or doesn't allow remote traders also.


  2. SAFIN


    Hey guy

    Genesis Securities has a connection to PPLN. I havent been successful using it because its only for large block trans Im sure you know that. I trade remote.
  3. I was talking to a guy that trades with genesis and I heard that only their instuitional clients could use it (and not their prop traders...) Have you actually placed trades on pipe?

  4. swift has access to pipeline.
  5. Ok,

    so far we have swift, genesis (perhaps) and gmmi with connections to pipeline. Thank you everyone who has sent me pm's...

    I know Benchmarq does not have a connection to pipe. That still leaves: Assent, Trillium, Bright, Echo, HLV, hold bro's and generic among many others. Can anyone comment on these or any other firms??


  6. Sure, using SigmaX via Goldman's "hidden liquidity pools" we have access to Pipeline. I've never used it.

    My Goldman rep says he knows the gentleman who owns
    pipeline as well.

    Send a PM if you need to know more.

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    what's pipline?
  8. for those who don't know... www.pipelineats.com you've probably seen their commericals on CNBC (if you watch CNBC at all...)

    still waiting to hear from anyone at Assent, Echo, HLV, hold brothers and generic.....

    Update: Trillium, Benchmarq have no access to pipe

    Genesis has restricted access to pipe, Bright can route to pipe through their software but cannot post orders directly to pipeline at this time...

    swift, gmmi have pipeline...

    thanks! looking forward to hearing from others...

  9. *bump*

    Does anyone here trade with Assent?
    I haven't head back from them or from anyone who trades with them. Does Assent have pipeline available as an execution destination?


  10. you beat me to it? I was going to post that link

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