looking for a programmer to code a tool for IG Markets API

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    I need to build a small online application to plan trades using IG Markets API. I've downloaded the Excel sample application from IG but it's very limited.

    You can learn more about IG API in the following link: https://labs.ig.com/

    There are two API types, REST and STREAMING, I am not sure which one I would need to integrate or if I have to use both.

    This is what I need to do, let me describe it in more detail. I will have several accounts with different amounts of money and account numbers.

    The API will allow me to plan the trade outside of the platform by logging in with my user credentials and API KEY and plan trades from a PHP application protected with user/password.

    This application needs to be coded in PHP OOP so that its functions are integrated in another application that is being coded in Laravel framework, its functions need to be explained in the code so my programmer can integrate it easily.

    What I want to do is this:

    - Copy the same trade/order to one or multiple accounts

    - Create the functions to connect to REST/STREAMING API from IG Markets

    - Add any number of different accounts and API and API keys

    - Plan trade from the online tool by setting entry, stop loss, take profit, contract lot size and percentage risk (1%) of the total amount of money in every account. That is, if account 1 has 10.000 dollars and I want to buy CFD XXX at 120 protecting Stop loss at 100, the lot size should be 1% of 10.000 dollars. That should yield a lot/contract size equivalent at risking 1% of the total amount (balance of account). Show $ or € risk taken for each trade

    - Each account added in the system should have a risk setting, by default 1% on all of them. I can set 0.5% on account X, 1% on accout Y, 1.5% on account Z, etc.

    - The function to plan a trade should ask for this information:

    * Ticker (CFD or Forex), auto complete querying API to see if it exists. If I want to plan a buy order at 123 on APPLE CFD, I will start writting APP and the application should show me the possible CFDs to choose from, the same way IG Markets does in its online platform

    * BUY/SELL. Radio box. If BUY is selected, stop loss should always be lower than BUY entry price. If SELL is selected, stop loss should always be higher than entry price.

    * LIMIT/STOP. Select between LIMIT order and STOP ORDER

    * STOP LOSS price. Numeric value to protect buy/sell entries

    * TAKE PROFIT price. Numeric value to exit trade. This should be numeric field and also a variable we can change from backend. I can set a price but I can also set a percentage. If I choose percentage (default 3%), it will be that the Take Profit price will be 3 times the distance between ENTRY and STOP LOSS price. If entry = 120 Stop Loss =110 .... the distance between both = 10. That means I am risking 10 points in my entry. Take profit = 3% means take profit should be 3 times 10 = 30... Take profit should be set to 120 + 30 = 150

    * PLAN ON ALL ACCOUNTS. This is an option that will allow to plan the same buy/sell order on all the accounts added to the backend. Each account will have its own money and percentage. Account X 10.000, Account Y 15.000, Account Z, 8.000. Each account will have a risk setting, 1% by default or a different one... If I plan a 1% risk for all accounts, the contract size should be 1% based on the account's available balance. Account X size could be 10 lots, Account Y 15 lots and Account Z 7 lots, depending always on the % risk and the amount of equity available on each account.

    There are a couple more functions. Would like to know if there are any programmers in Elite Trader that could work on this one.

    Thanks a lot for your time
    Have a great weekend!
  2. fan27


    What's your budget?

  3. DrSpok


    This is an old (very old!) post and maybe you have moved on to other things.
    I am interested in this from 2 points of view, first I am the author of the CPAN module, written to assist with interfacing with the IG API, the module is called Finance::IG and can be downloaded from CPAN. At the moment its Linux only but not much would be needed to get it to work on Windows.

    An example tool that lists your positions is provided.

    What the OP is asking for here could be done in Perl and a lot of it could be done with the existing module. If you want Php then that would be starting from scratch. If you are looking at a project like this or are the OP then take a look at this perl module.

    If you are the OP and still interested I would repeeat Fan27's question: whats your budget?
  4. As a general rule, the budget is NEGATIVE in these cases. Not only you aren't getting paid but you're offered the "chance" to waste some of your own time working on some idiotic idea.