Looking for a Program That Can Scan Markets Based on Parameters Set

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  1. I'm interested in demo'ing any programs that can go scan markets, in particular stocks, for certain technical parameters. The only one that I know is TradeStation's radar screen.

    I would need intraday feed/data, NOT EOD.

    Is there anything else like radar screen or is that the only game on the block?
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    I think Wealth-Lab Developer can do it too.
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    Trade Ideas
  4. Thanks!!!

    Any other suggestions, please post.
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    For nominal $, Radar is still King.

    However, Multicharts has just come out with their own scanner. Still beta (v.4) but I dont doubt in time it will surpass RS.

    No sense in trying out the demo until it matures a little or at least til v.4 is official.

    What are you trying to accomplish? RS is pretty robust and with the 10 futures rt/month its free. Albeit not a true scanner, more like a true filter that you have to import a symbol list into first.

    If you want to break the bank, imo the best is still insight-trading.com

    Trade-ideas is not bad if your criteria fit in their canned approach.

    Blocks.com from the Worden people is ok.

    Too bad Stockfetcher wasnt real time. Ah, well.
  6. Interesting that you posted looking for a quality scanner. I was going to post a similar question in the last couple of days.

    I'm totally surprised that the *datafeed* companies like dtn and esignal don't wise up and get serious about offering a HIGH quality scanner that can be user customized AND the data results sent to excel thru DDE where the user can make use of those statistics, etc. If these guys were smart, considering they've got huge data banks already, they would offer such customization for say $20-50/mo.

    Quote.com has had what they call a "breadthalizer" which compiles market statistics and was available thru their DDE link program but that was it. Not much in terms of a scanner but a taste of what they could ultimately could offer.

    None of these vendors really know how to produce unique, value-added products besides data from the exchanges.

    dtn's argument is that they don't want to alienate their "partners", but that's all hogwash, unfortunately. A scanner, search engine ought to reside in the data provider's facilities in order to be faster and efficient and reduce bottlenecks somewhere else. Why use another bs "vendor"?

    If these datafeed guys had such a scanner service in place, then they could have a "voting" similar to IB's idea where user vote to ask for new features from the platform.

    trade-ideas? It's really an amateurish program. Web-based only. No real customization of user-parameters. Everything is canned.

    tradestation's radarscreen? almost forgot about them. can it send data to excel in real-time?

    Tradestation is another dumb broker out there. Why don't they make their platform available for download like IB does so that potential users can easily look it over and determine if it's suitable for their needs? Stupid!
  7. Real-time?
    DDE link to excel?
    Market statistics too?

    Yeah, don't think so.

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