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  1. Hi,
    I am a trading coder with a lot of experience. I have a co-located server I bought on CME central location. I managed to develop algorithms that are break-even most of the time (small gains sometimes).
    The commissions I pay per trade are low due to the size of the account I use.

    I am looking for a trader who wants to automate his/her strategies on futures (CME and CBOT exchanges) and split the profits between us.
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  2. All you have to do for your algorithm to be positive is reduce the incidence of less profitable trades. I bet you can see it on a chart but can't figure it out.
  3. Is it your own DMA setup or are you running 3-rd party? Do you own or lease an exchange membership? Do you already work with a broker for clearing? Etc etc.
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    Yeah, maybe OP or someone else can point this out to me in case I am over looking something or missing the point, but this person is in Israel. Let's pretend for argument sake I have multiple strategies that if automated would net a profit, what's stopping him from using the strategy I give him and than never paying me a dime?

    I am not one of the ET posters who is negative on everything or thinking people can't work together, I've seen it done before so I know it's possible, but this just seems like zero way for me to reasonably enforce getting my share.
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    What is low commission to you?
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    if you will trade 100 a side i will help you with solid agreements in place.
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  7. Hello Mark, I’ve arrived to dubai as I have something unique and looking for investors. Not to go into too much detail but I have a signal that if you saw if would blow your mind. As I said I Cnt go into too much detail but any chance we can speak? Do you have investors? Email me at rickydurhamlondon@gmail.com
  8. Mark, Thank you, I will send you an email shortly.
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    What size account would you or ur investors be trading?
    What Roi, Draw down, sharp ratio are you seeking?
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