Looking for a profitable SP 500 E-mini system

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  1. I have been day trading the SP 500 e-mini for over a year without great success. I am looking for a day trading system that will work. Is anyone out there making money? I appreciate the help.
  2. so is 99% of the rest of ET. Good luck in your search; you will need it.

    Warning: the URLs and systems that follow will be spam and other useless claims...
  3. ha ha

    your reply "so is 99% of the rest of ET. Good luck in your search; you will need it."

    makes me remember Metallica's song " SAD but TRUE"
  4. 2 years minimum, you still got a year of screentime to put in...

  5. It's his first post, give him a break... let the hazing of spam begin!

  6. Stop looking for a 'system' to trade, and instead, start learning to see what signals the markets provide.

    Start with Price and Volume.

    Learn to ignore those who have become experts in failure.

    - Spydertrader
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    Hi Steven,

    Traders like to openly discuss systems that don't work but they never discuss an edge, if they have one.

    You have an edge when your market timing is good enough to allow you to make a profit before price reverses against you. This is my definition of an edge.

    When many traders use the same edge, it is not an edge any longer but a system we can discuss here.

    All the best
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    i have a few you can have that will make you millons all the pros use them its that simple
  10. Just a simple basic support/resistance if traded properly is profitable. It is the trader who makes the money, not the method or system. Therefore, how did you OBJECTIVELY determined that your lack of success is due system, and actually not due to you the way you're trading it? :)
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