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  1. i recently came across a website that will let traders come in for only $500 a month. I called them and they told me that they give you everything you need to trade. you can check it out for yourself if you like. www.globalfxllc.com... they mostly handle FX trading, but i think they can do anything that you want.You'd have to call them to find out. They also offer a lot of other nice services for people who want to learn more about the Forex markets. Seems interesting...gimme some feedback and let me know wht you think.
  2. They use fxcm platform, wider spreads on normals
    hours and again much wider when when news comes
    out, so they are 3-4 pips wider on spread on average.

    Not only that, they are strategy thieves. If you are
    unprofitable, they divert their attention from you.

    They used to be with ET for sometimes, and they
    were getting bashed every moment.

    I hope i could help
  3. So are thay opperating in the same way as a spread-betting firm,s???
  4. You will note that pokerjokerbob has only 3 posts at the time of this writing. Every one of these posts is about the same company. Two of those posts have a hyperlink to that company. Hmmm, what conclusions are we to draw?

    P.S. Nana Trader, I'm sure you know that bob really appreciates your help. :D
  5. If thay are you might aswell go and spread bet because of the tax advantage...
  6. Thank for info. Lets see if it's a Boby or a PoppyCock that
    replies back? :D
  7. Yeah yeah. y'all think i'm being shady. I've never really posted before, obviously, and I thought that this might be my opportunity to start posting. I was introduced to a broker a little while back and he told me about this unique trading program. I don't really know all the details, but it's seems like a good deal. They'll match whatever you put it, so you basically have double buying power. Best part is that you get to keep all the profits! I tried to find other firms that do this, but found none. What do you guys think?
  8. I'll tell you what. I'll let you know what I think if you first tell me what a "shill" is.
  9. I have no idea what shill is. I could be a cheeseball and look it up, but if you have nothing nice to say, as they say, don't say anything at all. I've been reading the posts on this site, and people like you must be really jaded about trading. and you probably should be trading more that you should be here heckling people with innocent questions...
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    Your new name is Velveeta Bob as far as I am concerned!
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