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  1. Hi everyone

    Let me tell you about my situation. I designed a website for a 25 year veteran trader who wanted to offer online training to new and experienced traders. We were going to include video and voice chat so that the traders could follow his trades and help guide their training.

    Unfortunately my partner became ill and was no longer able to continue on with the project.

    If anyone thinks they would be interested in training traders online through their own website I would be willing to finish the site and manage it on an ongoing basis.

    Please feel free to post questions or PM me for more information.

    The site I create can be viewed here www.ssptrading.com. The domain will have to be changed and I would also have to install the chat and video scripts.


  2. Phil:

    I am sorry about your partner Sam.

    I am just curious:

    1) Is this site (or future site) to be a free site or a for-fee site in offering training and site content?
    2) The website content seems to be highly dependent on the trader who is at the core of this site. You are looking for someone to "take over". Is it in the sense of continuing Sam's trading style and methodology? Or just use the basic mock up to fill in with the new partner's trading style and methodology?
  3. Brandonf

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    Phil - I like that WP theme. Where can I find it at? Thanks.

  4. Bushido


    you can get that theme at:

    its called the bold theme.

    For the OP:

    Are we talking about sam patterson as in yhe guy who wrote this article!
    http://www.tradingmarkets.com/.site/stocks/how_to/articles/ The-Key-to-Longevity-and-Consistency-in-Trading-th-79880.cfm

    Frankly what I see on the website are articles I have seen in the past, the theme is not unique, there is absolutely nothing changed, so i dont understand what you at=re offering?

    no offence intended, but are you trying to flip a blog??
  5. Hi Bolimomo

    To answer your questions:

    1) The site will be fee based for members to access trading chat rooms and trading discussions.

    2) The new site will cater to the new partner's methodology and trading style.

    Thanks for your question.

  6. Yes, Bushido is correct, the theme is based on the flexx bold theme.

    And to answer Bushido's question, no my intention is not to "flip" a blog. I will be integrating a members section to the website that will feature video and voice chat, in addition to other features for paid members. The features will really depend on what the new partner/traders wants to provide.


  7. I also own www.proptrade.net.

    The sites been abandoned for some time, but if anyone has any interest reviving it I would be happy to discuss.

    Would hate to let such a great domain go to waste.


  8. Benny


    its is so obvious what you want

    you want to steal a strategy from a REAL trader

    how useless and pathetic

    and to think that REAL trader won't see that

  9. Does it make you feel important to call someone pathetic on a public forum?

    I'm in no way trying to "steal a strategy" from any traders. I was simple offering a partnership to anyone who was interested in further developing the existing site or domain. The idea was open for discussion.

    I'm always surprised how cynical and insulting other members are to new members.

    It's easy to insult someone from behind a computer screen, however maybe you would feel more comfortable calling me to discuss...250-661-9417..:)

    Looking forward to your call....

  10. Benny


    you gave me wrong number sicko
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