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  1. I work at a well known European brokerage house and looking for a partner with at least $500k of buying power to front run my trades. If you are somewhat surprised to read this, just so you know - the whole Wall Street, at least successful part of it, consists of either frontrunners or insiders, everybody does it, don't be naive. You don't think they make those big bucks by applying sophisticated technical analyses, do you? You either have a guts to be a part of that successful group or you just continue being a member of that fooled loosing majority who just helplessly staring at their negative P/L although they drew all possible kinds of moving averages and elliot waves on that f##king chart, listened to every clownish word of Cramer, spent thousands on books, became a respectfull member of this forum, etc. Let's face it - 99% belong to this majority, most likely including you, my dear reader. You would say - no I don't !- I made five thousand bucks this month and the month before, so I am a "consistently profitable" trader! Come on, who are you kidding, what about that month when you lost 30K and another when you lost 40K? I know you prefer just to predend it didn't happen, but... We all live in the fairy tale WallStreet industry keeps writing for us, and we have to give em a credit - they are very good at it.
    My long time partner decided he's got enough dough now to retire early, I still didn't (gush, those greed and fear guys still work so well!) so I am now looking for another one or two responsible traders and I am sure it won't take me long to find them. Contact me at alex_a17 at yahoo dot com. Serious inquiries only. I guarantee zero risks and quick results.
    If you are about to send me some judging email stop right now because you would have stopped anyway if you knew how much money I make on this and, secondly, I think you better spend those few precious extra minutes with your kids, I bet they need you as a mentor much more than I do.
    I either buy those shares for my company from you or from some other stranger trader, nobody cares who it was bought from in either case. When you, personally, buy shares do you care who you bought it from?
    Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Easter.
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  3. Duh! More like Mr Bean than JamesBond. You must work for a boilerhouse operation if that's what you see and experience.
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    you are my kind of guy, this biz ain't no joke, when it comes to half a mil, I don't trust "some guy"
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    Why does this remind me of one of those letters from the Consulate of Kenya where in order to get $30 MIL you have to deposit $10k in some account?
  6. Yeah, ok, anybody who has the capability to run a frontrunning scheme isn't going to come to ET and make some crappy post about it.

    Like anyone's gonna quit their day job and hope this guy comes through for em.
  7. yeah come to ET to find idiots to pull a front running scam. I would sooner send my banck account # to kenya. too funny! if this clown was so good he would not have to come onto ET to find 500K. Why not make it 5000000000000000K MR Bean?
  8. :D
  9. Along with ten years jail time. Where you'll get reamed on a nightly basis by a guy with half his teeth missing named Bubba.

    Ummmm, no thanks.
  10. Stock boy and hedge fund boy, wouldn't even fall for this and they are f*cking idiots.
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