looking for a partner, preferably in SD

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  1. enjolras


    I am looking for a trading partner to trade a new high to moderate frequency trading system I have developed. Preferably in the San Diego area, but any location is possible if you are qualified and experienced.

    I will teach you how to recognize the trade setups on different time frames and provide you with intra-day timing that is very accurate. Instead of trying to brag and tell you just how accurate, I will be happy to just show you in screenshots and in real time. And its applicable in all major markets, i.e. S&P, Forex, Gold, Crude, Stocks, etc. There would never be any overnight risk and we would just split any profits after expenses. I can provide any details you want. A CQG IC platform is also required.

    I am looking for someone to do this because I am in the process of building a new technology company and I want to focus on finishing the rest of the applications. Once that is done, the plan is to create a private trading company to apply the systems and I will be searching for more prospective traders to train then too.

    I've been an analyst and trader since 1979 so I have been around the block a few times. I am looking to build something significant here. If you are seriously interested, PM me and we'll see where things go.
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    I sent you a PM regarding this.
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    PM Sent.
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    This position has now been filled. Thanks to all of you who responded. When the trading company starts in a few months I will then be looking for more potential traders to train to trade the company's funds.