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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by RedDuke, Jun 19, 2013.

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    I am looking for a partner to automate futures trading. A bit of a back ground. Over the years, I developed a method that trades index futures by utilizing PA, DOM and T&S. I coded a number of indicators that analyze PA, DOM and T&S as a whole and pin point the exact trade entries.

    I am looking to automate the whole process and run it across various markets and potentially asset classes. It is quite a difficult task due to unique nature of the way the system trades.

    The things I look for in a partner:

    1) Must be good developer: C# or Java.
    2) Obviously must be a trader, with experience and interest in short term day trading strategies, not HFT but the system generates lots of signals during day. I will not simply disclose the system, the other party must bring useful things, in the above mentioned context, to a table as well.
    3) Must be located in TRI state area (NY, NJ, CT). The project will require many face to face meetings.
    4) Willing to commit time and capital on equal basis.

    If anyone is interested, post here or PM me.

  2. Eyez


    I don't mean to rag on you.. but you will not get any serious programmers inquiring about this project. You will have a lot of people on fishing expeditions.

    I am not even sure what you mean by 'partner', because nothing stops you from using software without my knowledge.. or telling me it's running at a loss.. and not paying up (unless I am an asshole and make the program do a self-check on a server I own/control before loading.. ie. make the application pure RMI/Distributed)

    If you want it done right, it won't be for free.

    Reminds me of this; replace graphics design with "JAVA/Console APP"


  3. nitro


    People are so negative. I think it is very possible that it can work.

    Good luck with your project. Sounds interesting.
  4. i would be willing to collaborate if i were in the US.

    but structure it right and make it a true partnership (in both spirits and PL).
  5. if the system is highly profitable you better have that person sign a confidentiality and non-compete agreement...because once they have it what will they need you for :confused:
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    Did you find a partner RedDuke?
  7. RedDuke


    I am a good developer myself. I called it a partnership because I need the other party to contribute exactly a half of everything.

    It is a collaboration, nothing is free. If I do not find a partner, I will do it all by myself, it will just take a lot longer. Plus the other party might know nuances that I am not aware off.

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    Thanks. I will post the results once it is up and running.
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    I will of course have legal involved, but it is not much of protection at all. The best one is the fact the other party will not get any benefit in cheating since we will both own the code and be fighting for exact same tick. Self interest is a best protection.