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  1. Tim604


    Hi guys, I wish I would of found this forum earlier. It has a ton of resources and lots of educated people.

    I am looking for a trading position in Chicago. I was working at a prop firm for about 2 years trading options. It is time to branch out a learn from a more established firm. The firm I was at consisted of about 6 people all angry and very private about trading. It was not a learning environment and I'm looking to further my career. I would be up for just about any position as long as it has potential to grow.

    If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. Resume below

    Trading LLC. – Chicago, IL Jan 2011 – Present

    Trade equity options with firm capital using complex leg strategies. Use scalping techniques to generate day to day revenue against position value. Use gamma trading techniques to generate low risk high return trading opportunities. Use proprietary trading strategies to avoid pass-through fees and receive credits for making markets. Used proprietary trading strategies to trade no-risk spreads at a cost of zero or a credit.
    • Manage a $2.5 million portfolio using options to hedge risk and generate revenue during high and low volatility time frames.
    • Monitor position risk in real time using proprietary risk metrics, lowering exposure to risk creating little to no instances of accounts being locked or frozen.
    • Train junior traders and interns on risk management, technical analysis, complex legged options strategies, option pricing, arbitrage trading, trade ideas, trade setups and trade execution.
    • Helped create a proprietary trade scanner that scanned the market for high probability trade set ups that took advantage of hanging paper.
    • Have a firm understanding of market regulatory rules.
    • Use exchange rates and rebate exchange to lower the total cost of trading.

    construction INC. – Chicago, IL 2002 - 2011
    General Contractor
    President of WCCI INC, was in charge of all hiring and firing of 60 plus employees and subcontractors. Was in charge of value engineering, creating low cost ways to deliver high quality craftsmanship and products. Was in charge of contract negotiation and enforcement of all subcontractors. Used financing to create bridge loans to supplement contractors in between pay cycles. Was in charge of safety and OSHA compliance on all projects.
    • OSHA 40 certified
    • Knowledge and use of heavy machines, from cranes to bulldozers
    • Union trained and certified for fine trim and structural concrete
    • Licensed General Contractor in Illinois
    • Materials specialist

    Computer Applications and Programming
    • Sterling trader Pro
    • Microsoft Office
    • Rox risk metrics

    College of DuPage – Glen Ellyn, IL 2008-present
    Associates in fine arts – Overall GPA: 3.256 / 4.0

    Personal Activities and Interests
    Options trading, REI investment club member, real estate investment member, licensed real estate broker, triathlete, general contractor, rehab specialist, working out, reading, philosophy, sociology, economics, finance, traveling, swimming, mentoring and cooking

    Professional and academic references are available upon request.
  2. Good luck brah, if I could do it all over again I'd try to be a market maker.
  3. No offend, you don't seemed have the real institutional trading experience. You are more like retail trader that trade in the Prop Firm.

    You need to have higher degree (PhD or at least Master) in Top Uni, preferable in Math, Physics or Engineering to get into the option division in the institution trading firm.

    P/S: Prop Firm (aka blood sucker) are not count as real experience. You spend all your time to scalp to make tiny profit while they are sitting there to collect all the "risk free" income from you - desk fee, platform fee, rebate fee, data fee, membership fee, training fee and etc. You never actually trade their firm capital, it is your own money at risk and not their (you know what I mean).

    PM me if you want to talk.
  4. newwurldmn


    <<Manage a $2.5 million portfolio using options to hedge risk and generate revenue during high and low volatility time frames.

    What does this mean? Does 2.5MM mean you were given a 2.5MM account (cash money) to trade options in it? You could buy 2.5MM worth of premium or alternatively sell premium such that your margin wouldn't exceed 2.5MM?

    What are you hedging?
  5. Sell 2.5M worth of premium via a Prop Firm with less than 10 people ? This mean the margin the firm had to put up for you must be at least, let say, 40M ? You must be kidding. :eek:

    The scam shop will ask you to put 40M cash in your account.
  6. newwurldmn


    That's what I am trying to understand. Whet does 2.5MM mean?

    Also what is he hedging?

    Anyhow this is a troll thread. Sadly there are like only like 4 active threads in the options forum here.
  7. I assume it to mean he hedged a $2.5MM equity portfolio with vol. Which is essentially meaningless.

    I agree that this has no business being posted to the options forum.
  8. newwurldmn


    I thought it meant he was given 2.5MM to manage. "Hedging" was just a buzzword he added.

    There's a lot of buzzwords on his resume with little substance behind them.

    What's happening to this forum? It's like every day is a market holiday.
  9. xandman


    Hey Tim, I'm from Chicago, worked in the business under humbler roles and have known quite a number of people.

    Unfortunately, your resume and education lacks depth and pedigree. I recommend you go back to school for a technical degree and then have a go at Jump Trading , Peak 6 etc.

    I re-designed the UIC recommended curriculum for Math/Comp Sci to make it more suitable for an aspiring Options Trader/ Quant Developer. It assumes you already have the Calc 1,2,3 sequence done and can be finished in 3 1/2 years. Tell me if you want a copy.
  10. xandman


    Btw, 3.256 GPA meaans you were partying you a** off and this was very recently.
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