Looking for a nice pop in the market on Monday after G20

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bugsy, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Bugsy


    The market probably cooked in optimistic talking points with no agreement. I doubt markets cooked in a truce of no more tariffs until at least 90 days from January with a promise of substantial goods to be bought by China.

  2. maxinger


    I hope market does not gap up or gap down too much.

    It it gaps too much, then market might not be tradable (at least for first few hours).
    Or gap might be closed.
  3. pipeguy


    Bought some CFD gold on Hotforex waiting for a spike to 1250. They will not strike the deal for sure.
  4. I try to be flat or have very little exposure at the weekends for reasons like this, I’m flat. I’ll see if a trend evolves throughout the day, should be interesting :finger:
  5. smallfil


    Looking for a huge rally Monday with the truce between President Trump and President Xi Ping of China. That is good for the next 90 days atleast! China has promised to buy more US goods for starters. I think that is hugely positive and a hold on imposing higher tariffs on top of that!
    Major indexes just slightly, below the 200 SMA. A move above the 200 SMA would be bullish for the market.
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  6. Arnie


    any resolution in the trade war could result in a "rip your face off" rally
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  7. Yea there’s gonna be plenty of “blow your account to bits action” in forex this week
  8. In my opininon, buying tqqq on last monday 11.26 would have been a great idea. Damn missed the entry, had not enough courage
  9. pipeguy


    Buy EURUSD guys it will shot next or two weeks dollar is really weak currently
  10. d08


    As always, politicians posture for a while until a guy with a lot of money and influence taps on their shoulder and tells them to stop. The cycle as old as humans.
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