Looking for a new Ninjatrader Forex feed

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Unhommefou, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. So, I had been using GAIN data with Ninjatrader for the past few months to do my forex trading.

    Now, although my manual trades have gone okay, trades from an automated program that I created to do automatically what I was doing live would not work to save my life.

    So, I had always assumed that I was a shitty programmer (I am, but with this strategy, I don't think this was the case)...until this morning.

    This morning, I was watching the GBPUSD on the 10 minute scale at approx. 2:00 AM EST.

    Well, the 0200 candle bar was completed, and of course, it starts to create the 0210 candle, when I hear a thud due to my brother falling down the stairs (He suffers from PTSD from his time in Iraq, sometimes sleepwalks. Good thing I am usually up at 0200 to trade the London open, go sleep at 0330, and then wake up for work).

    I check him, and he is alright, and come back seeing that I missed the 0210 candle and it is now forming the 0220 candle.

    I decided not to take the trade(I did after looking at the 60 min candle that formed later though), but here-in lies the issue.

    The 0210 candle was quoted and finished a doji.

    When I changed time frames to 60 mins, and then back, it was still a doji.

    When I moved to the EURGBP, and then back, it was no longer a doji, but a full up candle with wicks.


    I thought, WTF?!!

    So, I brushed it off, and looked at the AUDNZD on 10 mins, and the 0220 candle.

    It had long wicks above and below the body of the candle.

    Waited 2 candles, refreshed, and now it has a long top wick, but the bottom had shortened!


    Now, I cannot get this to repeat, so I am thinking that I might have seen something that was not there...

    However, I have now downloaded Jing so I can make screencaptures of this, and, I no longer trust either the GAIN feed, or NINJA itself. So, I am looking for a NINJATRADER compatible FOREX feed that does not use GAIN or FXCM as the provider.

    This way, I can test to see if it was GAIN, or if it is NINJA, or if I am retarded.

    Any recommendations?
  2. my vote's in for you being retarded :D

    why not use a MetaTrader 4 platform / broker