Looking for a new forex trading broker with C++ API for execution and market data fee

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  1. Looking for a new forex trading broker with C++ API for execution and market data feed with minimum funding

    I am looking for a decent trading broker with the following requirements:
    1. API for C++ support for gateway for trading execution and market data feed (OANDA wants $600/month)
    2. Needing minimum funding like under $1000 if possible ($25K for LIghtspeed, $10k for IB, etc is too much to tie up)
    3. Allow Canadian residents if possible.

    Anybody have any recommendations who to use with fees and funding requirements?
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    Sadly in this business you will get what you pay for. For the things you are looking for your minimum deposit is going to disqualify you from most of the good firms.

    You can always come in with the initial deposit and then withdraw funds. Lightspeed and IB levels are just initial contributions and not minimum balances needed.
  3. http://www.lmaxtrader.co.uk/

    The best option. You may have to be creative to get over overseas account restrictions. I don't know for cad people. Fre api's 100:1 deposit. I've started trading with Multicharts and it's FAST. Spreads on eur 0-1
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    I don't think there is a minimum except for that of account minimum. The API does work. You don't need any special account requirements. Just download the API, develop and trade. You can evaluate on a demo account as much as you want. Support is not great except for a forum but if you are a decent c++ com programmer you should have no problem. There are some samples provided in the download for c++, c#.
    I don't know about Canadian residents.
  5. FXCM!!!
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    Hi heavyrocker,

    Feel free to post any questions about FXCM on the FXCM discussion thread and I would be happy to help.