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  1. Can anyone help?? I have been at Worldco for the past 3 years and I am now in search of a new firm to trade at. I am very consistent trading listed stocks (about 85% gross positive and 70% net), but looking for a new experience. I am not looking to escape losses or a firm that many believe is in turmoil. Just in search of a better deal and a chance to trade remotely. Also, let me know if anyone is familiar with firms that pay well on the gross end. I may be interested in trying something different with my trading.
    Thank you

    PS: I also can provide the best insight into Worldco more than most traders on this site. I am somewhat on the inside......

  2. WHY don't you tell us??? the suspense is killing me!!!
    Don't forget to add your link ok?,,,,,by the way, if you are on the inside at WorldCO and you are hugely positive, Im amazed you need to look for a deal.
  3. TM,

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    His post didn't deserve that type of reply.

    Tradesize, if you are interested in trying something new reply privately and we can discuss the opportunities that are availible with me.

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  5. Watch your language!....besides you have a problem with women? That's not too politically correct you know...and yes i am trying to start something......im bored today...pleas accept my humblest apologies......also , i f you really beleive the WORLDCO inside stuff, I have some WCOM at 6.00 a share to sell you!!
  6. The language I thought fit you perfectly. Calling somebody a bitch is relevant to there actions not there gender. I wont pick up your trade but I do have a question.

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