Looking For A New Firm Offering LLC Capital

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by drprotrader, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. I am a unlicensed (non us citizen) and am looking to open a trading account with a firm offering an LLC option...Please PM...
  2. Anyone here actually use HLV Trading?

  3. fatman


    Call Hold Brothers, i am sure ut us worth talking to them.
  4. One sould be carefull when selecting LLC account,
    because the money actually is not in your name,
    and you don't have any prove.

    The only thing you can do is reporting to NASD &SEC,
    and attcking them in forums. It can be pain in the as..

    So don't fund your account with more than $5K,
    especially if you are trading from far abroad.
  5. A friend of mine trades in their NYC office. (I no longer trade full time).

    He says the office is very professional and the software is good. According to him, the managers actually trade on the floor with everyone, and there is constant mentoring meetings to help improve his trading.

    On the downside, he said the office is small, and full. So it is crowded, but I think they are looking for more space.
    Hope this helps
  6. Searching for more responses....please pm...
  7. Please PM? We are sharing Info here, so it's fair for
    you to share any PM here too