Looking for a new computer, stumbled across this one

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    Pony up for an SSD. There's no reason to get such a beast and not use an SSD for the primary drive. I recommend the Intel 520 series, or maybe you might like the Samsung line.
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    Have you thought why somebody is selling it ?
    Could be something wrong with it. You will get no guarantee, will you ?
  3. They are selling it, because they make and sell custom computers. They probably buy parts in bulk and get the rest from newegg or somewhere like that.
  4. I'm pretty much buying this for trading. I'm going to continue using my laptop for everything else since I prefer my couch over the office chair. Why do I need a fancy hard drive? I feel like 1 TB in size is probably already a bit of overkill. I need a good graphics card for 4 monitors. I need a fast processor and a lot of memory for 4 monitors and perhaps recording a screen with camstudio. Right now my laptop has trouble with 2 monitors.
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    The prices have come down enough where it makes sense to pay the additional <$200 to get a modestly-sized and super-fast SSD for your primary (OS and Apps) drive. I think the Intel 520 180GB hits the sweet spot here.

    Once you get an SSD, you'll never go back. It's not a fancy hard drive; it is an inexpensive component that will be well-coupled to such a machine.
  6. HDD drive will be your bottleneck.. i stopped using them as a primary drive practically right when SSD's became even slightly affordable.. you obviously need a little education if you don't think its worth it.. with your statement comparing the two..
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    check reviews on AsRock motherboards. I did not have one but when I was looking for upgrade a while ago there were few negative posts so you may want to check this before buying. Maybe these are better now. I would compare it against Asus but then price tag will be higher.
  8. The mobo has very negative feedback on newegg.
    and it's only a $59 mobo!

    PSU is only 400 watts.

    The headline says 4 monitors, the mobo says integrated gpu and then he has an add-on gpu with no monitor specs. Doesn't look like you get any monitors.

    The mobo spec says 2x240 pin DDR3 and max 16gb ram but he offers upgrade to 32gb ram @ 4x8gb DDR3; can't see how he's going to make that happen on that mobo.

    Advice: Wait until Monday when Winston & Scat and some other guys chime in. They build systems for people on here and I've never heard a negative word about them. They know their stuff.
  9. i've built quite a few systems for myself.. and i can tell you i would never buy that system.. .
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