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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by traderTX, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. I have used IB and OptionsXpress in the past for swing to slightly active trading....looking to go completly day trading now with the current market making it much more difficult to find good swing candidates. I was looking for a new broker (IB has horrible charts and OPTX is too pricey) I would like to find a broker that offers excellent charts, all the Level II and bells and whistles, but also low fees and a book or ladder trader option that allows you to point and click once to trade (IB has this but again...they don't have decent charts). Anything out there that has all this plus good customer service or am I better off sticking with IB for the point and click trading on the ladder and paying for a different charting service?
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    Have you taken a look at ThinkorSwim? They have the best reviews on the site that have all you ask for Great trading platform with level 2 and all the bells and whistles. there per share commission isn't to bad compared to Interactive Brokers. (ToS 0.015 vs IB 0.013) also considering all that you get from ThinkorSwim included vs IB. Most people pay $150+ for streaming quotes and news with IB because the quote IB provides from what i hear aren't very reliable. With ToS you get solid quotes and Streaming news so that makes up for the extra 0.002 you pay per share.

    I also hear ThinkorSwim has great customer service as well. One guy in the reviews section said you can even talk them down on there commission rate, worth a shot.

    On the low fee's part all i can say is low fee's = low service and no bells and whistles. just something you should keep in mind.

    If you really want low commissions take a looks at MB Trading you can use there Trading software or pair it with Quotetracker (also works with IB if you wanna stay with IB). QT is a awesome software for charting. but just like with IB you would also need some streaming news service (and maybe a back up quote services as well) and that adds to the overhead.
  3. just a quick add on to my post....I would also like to have sub minute charts....and also...I will just be daytrading equities and futures Are any of you active day traders and if so what broker / trading platform are you using?