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    I'm an intraday trader. I use charts from M5,M15,M30and H1 for chart reading and finding trade opportunities. I'm a little confused or may I say I'm still to develop a personal feel for SMA or EMA. I was looking for a good reading material a n article or a book that provides some clarity on the use of different MA's.

    I'll be greatfull if the forum members could provide me with some insights or resource I can refer to.

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    Like both;
    quite helpful, dont know if it helps intraday.IBD has some good basic info . And many chart services auto draw a 200day sma/ema ;
    as a 200 period sma/ ema, on hourly charts..............................
  3. New Trading Systems and Methods by Perry J. Kaufman is about the most comprehensive that I have come across, it is practically an encyclopedia.

    If you do not want something that comprehensive, Technical Analysis Explained by Martin J. Pring is pretty Ok and has decent coverage of moving averages (about 30 pages).
  4. Read the writing of John Ehlers. You can google it or there are free articles on his web site www.mesasoftware.com. Basically, MAs are low-pass filters. That is, low frequecies are passed through and high frequencies (i.e. noise) are filtered out of the data.

    The argument is that in financial data, there is no noise, it's all signal. That is for you to decide.