Looking for a mentor in London

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  1. Hi there, I'm a Maths student living in Univ of Manchester.

    I have just stepped on trading world. I've just made an account in Forex.com, about to make an account in Barcaly stockbroker, and reading some global macro fund strategy..etc..I'm completely beginner in trading anyway(at level which you may have been in the past :)

    I am looking for a mentor who can can give me some advice.

    Hope we can meet up once a month in London. In return, I will buy you a meal for your precious spare time.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from anyone who want to make his/her disciple :D ..Please be my guru.

    Thank you

  2. Nah, you students live on fast food and cider, think I'll give the meal a miss thanks :)

    Whereabouts in London do you go?
  3. Oh yeah. This should be good.:)
  4. a meal ?
    I doubt any good trader is going to be interested , or maybe you have tits and a$$ ?
    Seriously forget about trading, you have no idea what you are getting into.
  5. Let's hope not, the 'guys' name is Steven :eek:
  6. Haha! 'guess he'll have to bring his girlfriend, then. :D

  7. gono


    you are such an ass cable

    tell him about your micro lot trades and FX scalps for pips

    and whatever you do, don't forget to tell him about bucketshop you have account in
  8. lol, not that I'm planning on being anyone's 'guru' for a big mac and a coke but yep, I'm a scalper with a bucketshop and guess what, I still make money....while you sit there in your ghetto tenement block dreaming up new ET usernames and playing with your putz :D

    Here you go, Friday's trading blotters for about 4 hours trading...

    24 trades, 21 wins +68 pips, 3 breakeven, no losses, total +68 pips


  9. gono


    well that shut me up :D

    dude stop with your blotters, I am starting to dream your blotters, I've seen that many

    why are you bothering with blotters, why do you protect your internet name so much

    nobody cares, you know that right ?
  10. mounafia


    cabletrader...very impressive.

    just a little question if you allow me. I also trade the Eur/usd so I studied the friday graph to analyse your job.

    It seems to me you are scalping only for 1 to 4 pips (on the Eur/usd). However it seems you accept the trade to go on the oposite direction for more than 20 pips...Am I correct?

    for exemple, you sold at 1.4103 at 14:07 and you closed the trade at 1.4103 at 14:51 knowing that the trade went up until 1.4130 (-23 pips).

    Are you not affraid that one bad trade (if it continued going up I guess you would have closed it at some point with a loss of 30 or 40 pips, maybe more) is gonna kill all your dayjob? or are you a trader that never close a trade until he is positive (I know some that are successful this way too)? or maybe it was just exceptional?


    and sorry for my bad english
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