Looking for a mentor/help/suggestions.

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    Looking for a mentor/help/suggestions.
    I am a newbie in auto trading. Even though I have traded over half a billion dollars worth of equity in the past. I am new to computerized trading around the clock in all markets. More specific details are provided below.
    Logistics; Hardware
    What can be done to ensure I have a solid Internet connection apart from having a backup power supply?
    What to do, if you are on travel and the computer crashes or some disaster strikes while you are away form the computer/home? What sort of back up is practical and cost effective?
    Software issues:
    I am currently on travel and using a Macbook Pro, do I need to get a PC for the kind of operation I am looking for?
    I am looking for: A platform/strategy system that will
    allow a non-professional / non-programmer to place trades
    automatically through a computer, on all exchanges such as NY, London and Tokyo etc. I plan to use Interactive Broker for now, which does offer the ability to trade around the clock on various exchanges.
    This system should be able to be modified easily by a novice, the different technical indicators/rules. The ability to back test is a MUST.
    It should be able to handle Equity/ FX markets in all exchanges around the world.
    In fact I may pick more than one strategy to compare and trade for diversification. Although for now I am considering InterActive brokers, we are open to other brokers, if found better than them.