Looking for a Mentor/Coach, NYC Area

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by brkout, May 3, 2004.

  1. brkout


    I've been trading for almost a year and have made a lot of progress,

    But I need some help getting over the Mountain................. If your in the NYC area and would like to share some ideas and help me out I would really appreciate it.

    It would help you too, u learn more from your students then anyone
  2. Are you trading forex, and do you have payment for one on one training?

    I'm the best forex trader in the world (if you doubt that, look at my signature), but my one on one training is not free.

  3. brkout


    Nah i trade stocks,

    im not looking for a paid tutor,

    I want someone who makes money trading and doesn't need a couple G from me, he just wants to give back and grow by helping others which will help him

    If u need to charge, u probably make ur money teaching bcs u cant make money trading

  4. At least he's humble...
  5. patoo


    lol, but I like ur approach!
  6. Good luck there skipper........:eek:

    I did the free approach for about 6 months. Had 15 people in my chat room. Didn't charge a penny.

    After a while they wanted more and more of my time and resources. Some where major whiners over the littlest things.

    It's not really worth it in the long run. Why should I spend time to train a person who will not compensate me? Time away from my trading activities costs me money. If your not going to compensate your mentor for that your not really comprehending the "real world".


    Good luck ... if you're not willing to pay for the services don't expect much (from anyone). Do you think a golf teacher gives lessons free? Most any professional, who is successful in their chosen profession, will expect some compensation for their time. Ones time is worth $$$. Taking time to work with an aspiring trader takes away from their own time to make money trading the markets.
  8. fan27


    It's one thing to befriend someone and have them mentor you. but to expect a complete stranger to mentor you for free is ridiculous.

    If I was looking for a mentor, I would concentrate on meeting and networking with profitable traders. If a mentorship might become of one of my contacts, great, but I certainly wouldn't expect it.

    good luck
  9. Casey30


    Absolutely agree. I would rather spend my extra time working on my own trading or with my friends or my girlfriend than to "give back" and help a stranger to learn to trade for free. If a trader makes 200k or more a year, they may want a couple grand to make it worth their while.

    I personally have found training or mentoring strangers in the past unsatisfying. I only help very close friends or family if they are in need of it.