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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by morse1, Aug 20, 2003.

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    Can anyone advise me of a good mechanical trading system for trading the emini s&p and the NQ, intraday trading no positions over night!

    Thanks in advance! :D
  2. If you found one, please tell me.
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    I have a mechanical system for trading ES/NQ/YM and liquid stocks. It runs on Ensign/Esignal, gives you buy/sell signals in realtime, if you have Ensgin and interested pm me and I'll send you the system.
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    It won't work :p
  5. I've seen sashe trade a few times...he's not bad, hopefully he's not too stubborn.
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    I'm sure it'll work for sashe :cool:
  7. I wouldn't say it won't work but most likely it won't in the mid-term run considering the data set E-signal gives and also the fact that the trader is willing to share it...

    Honestly, considering the psychological aspect, I would study the market and programming so that you can create your own. Though, as a start, I would look after, Larry Connors, BrandonF, and Don Bright's material in ET and etc. for insights and use that as a base to tweak it for your own good.
  8. CB is strong, also look at www.strategyrunner.com for execution.

    I got a great system. You buy when the 13 MA crosses the 21 MA.
    I buy the 8 MA cross the 21 MA and sell you my contracts. PM me and I will program this thing............ free of charge.

    Work on your own and keep it simple..........It does work. Concept must be strong....stay away from indicators...price action is all that maters and work from extreme levels.
  9. I'm working on a system for the SPY that shows some promise. It's not ready for real trades yet, but backtest results are as follows:

    5 month test period (Mar 2002-today, missing Apr)
    intraday time frame. sometimes overnight holding up to 3 days (not including weekends)

    72 trades
    54 wins
    18 losses
    win % = 75%
    biggest win = $1.31
    biggest loss = -$1.43
    max drawdown intraday = -$2.66
    gross profit = $11.83
    my net with my commiss structure = $9.67

    I've never bought or seen results of other mechanical systems. Since it sounds like you've searched for some before, how do my preliminary numbers stack up against them?

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