Looking for a low-cost prop firm w/ $5000 or less initial deposit

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by paboyy, May 10, 2007.

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    I'm non licensed (though was sponsored back in 2002) and looking for a good prop firm where i can get 10:1 margin or higher, and low initial deposit. I had years of experience and stopped trading in 2002, and looking to get back into the industry trading small size based on technical analsyis. Anyone have any ideas ? Please reply or PM me. Thank you for your help!
  2. I would look into Shill Securities...They have come out of chapter 11 and can offer 20:1 leverage with a deposit of 1000 and they only charge .000003 per share all in...

    June 26, 2003 4:38:00 PM ET

    WAYNE, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 28, 2003--SHill Securities a global leader in integrated Bulk Software( BS) and Commission Reward allocation Programs ( CRAP) solutions for financial services and the pioneer and leading provider of False information availability services, announced today that it will cease doing business at the conclusion of trading on friday June 27th 2003 after the market closes.

    There will be a live Web cast of SHills President (Obvious_Shill) and director at 9:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) on Friday, June 28, 2003. You may listen to that call at www.IwasConned.com by clicking on "Today's calls" and then on the "listen to the sales pitch" icon for SHill.

    According to sources within the Shill structure, The demise of the company was eminent from the day that MR.Marlet Enterprises (MEAT) Pulled out of a proposed merger of the two trading giants.
    In the face of this embarrassment, and wracked up with nearly 10 billion in debt, the President and CEO of Shill, Mr. TM Direct was ousted from the company in a stunning move in early June 2003. Since his departure, independent auditors have uncovered fraud, accounting irregularities and limited partnerships that have cost the company billions. In one such scheme, traders were trading with no capital, no commissions and no ecn charges in an effort to obtain market share. The SEC is currently mulling an indictment against it's founder and President TM_Direct.

    A company spokeswoman speaking under anonymity was quoted as saying " This is the end of the line for SHill....Never again will the great Walls of Elite Trader or Wall street be lined with the sound and sales pitch of Shill Securities"

    Tm_direct, when reached at his Boca Raton home would only say"it's over, time to move on ....SHill is dead"

    A moment of silence please for the end of Shill Securities
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    Cy Group and Benchmarq Trading are well regarded companies ....

    Stay away from Shill, lol.
  4. yo TM..that is a deep cut. LOLOL...
  5. Thanks TM for reminding us about "Shill" again, especially when there are a few (newer) similar firms in real life out there. Might be time to dig up "the list" again, from our previous postings a while back, LOL.

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    and I heard Benchmarq's Blackwood trading platform is not as quick and stable as CY Group's Laser does. Is that true??
  7. T3-Jeff

    T3-Jeff T3 Trading Group

    We accept traders with $5000 deposit. We offer 3 different platforms, including Laser. Futures and options are also available. To find out more information, please visit www.JCTRADINGGROUP.com . Thank You, Jeff