Looking for a low cost broker with good shorts for small caps

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by dillen, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. dillen



    I currently using IB and Centerpoint. IB is great, but I am looking to replace CenterPoint as the cost over there is very high for trading and shorts locate. Do you have any suggestions for good brokers for shorting smallcaps ?
    What do you think about LightSpeed, Speedtrader, SureTrader?

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  2. Robert Morse

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    Small-Cap listed or OTC?
  3. Why do you need two? Commission depends on volume traded (at IB), so two will increase commission costs.
  4. Can't do short locates unless have portfolio margin account with IB.
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    At TradeZero we offer free commission trading along with extensive availability for HTB stocks. visit tradezero.us for more information or contact me directly. I would love to walk you through our offers.
  6. Are trade zero accounts based on citizenship or residency?

    I want to open an account at your international branch. But I'm a US citizen and you guys won't let me despite the fact I live in Canada.

    With interactive brokers accounts are based on residency. So I have a Canadian rules based account because I live in Canada, despite being a US citizen.

    Is there a way I can open an account with your international branch?
  7. What's the difference treatment as a Canadian rule vs US rule?
    I see that tz international have a wire fee much higher than US base
  8. There's no PDT rule in Canada. That's the big one.