Looking for a list of Stocks by Industry and Sector

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  1. Just wondering if anyone can point me to downloadable a list a of stocks grouped by sector and industry -- just like the DJ Indices...

  2. hey, sorry i don't know any downloadable lists.. but just in case you didn't know and maybe it will be a little helpful to you.. on google's site,


    on the bottom right you can browse companies by sector and then by sub-sector.
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    There's a bunch of different ones -- just Google it, and see what strikes your fancy.
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  6. Sharp,amoung the sharper ones;

    Click sectors section.:cool:
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  8. Folks, thanks for all the responses... i was hoping to get a list of stocks by sector /industry without browsing each industry and multiple pages of stocks...
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  10. Subscribe to Worden Bros.' telechart 2007 ($20-30/mo.) and you can produce such lists like the one attached which I did a couple of years ago as well as other details for each security like avg volume. works for etf's too.
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