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    I am an experienced trader (ex floor trader, market maker etc) looking for a legit prop firm to trade futures. I am quicking learning that many of the prop firms are nothing more than scams, playing the same games that have been around for years with a slightly different twist. Would appreciate being directed to a legit prop firm interested in trading futures. Will be in
    philadelphia next week, anything in the area ? Thanks in advance.

  2. Coastal Trade Securities, LLC, is seeking professional traders to join their proprietary trading
    firm. Offering a variety of direct-access trading platforms and advanced analytical tools, we can provide a trader with
    the necessary resources to compete in today's challenging market environment.

    Coastal Trade Securities, LLC can also provide connectivity, development and support to facilitate
    the needs of algorithmic traders. Pre-trade and Post-trade analytical tools can be used to help analyze a variety of
    decision-making scenarios in order to help optimize a model's profitability and help systems to perform to their
    fullest potential.

    QUALIFICATIONS: We are seeking self-motivated, entrepreneurial individuals with strong analytical
    skills that have an interest in the financial markets. Experienced traders with a proven track record are preferred,
    less experienced traders will be considered if they meet our requirements.

    NOTE: Compensation will be performance based, and a capital contribution may be required.

    Remote trading available through dedicated SSL lines that deliver high-quality speed and execution.

    Coastal Trade Securities, LLC is an SEC registered broker/dealer and a member of the CBOE Stock Exchange (CBSX).
    Coastal Trade Securities, LLC

    Philadelphia, PA Contact Information
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    DRW Trading
    Jane Street
    Board Street
    to name a few...good luck
  4. that list above is good i'd add..
    also all good.
  5. Take a look at Benchmarq

    Benchmarq Trading Partners, LLC, a Registered Broker-Dealer with the CBOE Stock Exchange (CBSX), is seeking new and experienced traders that want to take their trading concepts to the next level by automating their strategies, with no programming experience needed.

    We have invested 1000's of programming hours by buidling applications that take your ideas and trading strategies from concept to reality with a few mouse clicks. If you ever wanted to take your strategies and code them, but lacked the programming experience or the financial stamina of having a team of programmers, you owe it to yourself to talk to us

    Trading Group Managers

    If you run a group of traders, we want to talk to you. We can show you how you can potentially increase profitabilty and lower drawdowns on your group of traders.

    Experienced Traders

    If you are looking to add a level of sophistication to your discretionary trading without much time invested, shoot us an e-mail on how our programs can help you.

    New Traders

    Know trading concepts but lack the discipline to execute on them? Having trouble finding what works for you? Use our proprietary software to locate, test and execute on strategies automatically that fit your trader psyche.

    Benchmarq Members Enjoy

    - Highly competitive rate and payout structures

    - Multiple supported platforms

    - Remote trading available

    - Health/Dental insurance

    Application Instructions

    Send resume and contact info as a cut and paste: attatchments will be discarded.

    A capital contribution is required.

    Proprietary trading services provided through Benchmarq Trading Partners, LLC Member CBOE Stock Exchange (CBSX) www.benchmarqtp.com

    Day trading is associated with risk, and is not for everyone. Traders should be prepared to cover losses with an initial capital deposit. Payment is based on individual profitability; this is not a salaried position.
  6. I believe (local) was looking for something in philly.