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    Thank you for the input guys.

    I don't have a signed agreement (mea culpa) but on his web site there are many clearly defined statements and promises mentioned.

    In my opinion this is already a good foundation to go further with this case...

    I will take more information about small claims court like mentioned earlier.

    Many thanks guys!!!
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  3. Mislead

    1. Call the SEC, NFA and CFTC on the guy and file reports with them, trust me they will look into it for you.

    2. Report him to the FBI Internet fraud department (if he advertised with a web site)

    3. Threaten him that you will distribute his material for FREE on the internet and chat rooms unless he gives you some refund (50% is reasonable).

    4. Threaten that you will expose his name as a scam artist and DO IT, don't worry that other traders will criticize you and finally.

    Be VERY cautious of posters in ET, there are some seriously disturbed people in here that need help.
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  4. In north carolina when you go to small claims court, the magistrate is a "good ole boy" as opposed to a judge or a lawyer, who listens to your case and then the defendants rebuttal. If he thinks you got a raw deal, he'll probably give you half of your money back. Its as simple as that.
    If the dude doesn't show up, he loses the entire amount of the suit and if he doesn't pay, the sheriff goes to his house and gets his stuff and auctions it off. Costs about $20.00 to file the suit.

    Even if you lose, you've made a serious impression on him.
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    "Be VERY cautious of posters in ET, there are some seriously disturbed people in here that need help."

    above caveat should be posted on every ET page.

    perhaps someone should start a poll on who are the most disturbed individuals posting on Elite Trader.
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  6. write it of as education.
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  7. What did he promise you....exactly. What did he deliver to you? Are you sure his stuff is completely worthless? Share the details and perhaps a few of us who trade the emini ca shed some light on whether or not it's a viable trading strategy.

    There are two sides to this coin though. Were you properly capitalized to trade the strategy? Did you do the work and apply the strategy? Did you work through your own mistakes? Did you practice before going live? Did you do your homework on him and his background? Did you verify that he was a profitable trader?

    I think samson77 dealt with a so called expert e-mini trader, perhaps a PM to him might shed some light on what he was able to accomplish.
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  8. Misslead


    Dear trades,

    Thanks again for your posting! I really appreciate that.

    Many people say to me that I have to go to the CFTC or NFA. Problem is that "the vendor" has never been registered with these institutions and they really can't help me further then.

    The Better Business Bureau will only listen to the story of both parites, but they are not allowed to form a solution if we don't come to a resolution.

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  9. Not true !

    they will take written complaints and if found in violation of any Federal Laws he will be fined severely.

    Mike does raise some good points about the material being totally useless if you share some of it openly in the forum, I'm sure we can either tell you that it was a total write off or weather you can salvage something from it.

    It would probably be best if you just shared the guys name and web site because most of us have bought a lot of this stuff already well at least me anyway :mad:
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    what his name so we can do a public lynching if he so deserved it.
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