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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Misslead, Oct 26, 2005.

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    Dear traders,

    A few months ago I met a guy impersonating himself as a high profitable emini s&p trader.

    He promised me he was able to bring my trading to the next level and believed him.

    Now, 3 months later and having followed his "trading course" (which costed me a few grants) and can honestly say that the course was totally WORTHLESS...

    Okay, perhaps I had to know better but I am considering to go to a lawyer now.

    That's why I would like to know if somebody can recommand me a good lawyer or good advice what I can do.

    Any input is welcome!

    Thank you very much

  2. live and learn and move on :)

    Proceed over to amazon.com and buy most of the trading books, If you need a good list, msg me.
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    Did you have any type of contract with the success criteria clearly defined?
  4. Hello:

    We had a person doing something similar here at ET. For all I know it may be the same person. Offering to sell or facilitate a sale through a third party for a price of $6,000. The material that was offered was kludged together from several sources and some of it was copyrighted from Linda Raschke's site. If this fits your situation, mentioning it might help others to avoid getting burned.

    As far as finding an attorney, the best way is by referral. You will need an attorney who has expertise in a specific area of law. You may want to contact your local service clubs like Rotary, Kiwanis, Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce. Avoid legal referral services as they are not usually good sources.

    Good luck,
  5. All the lawyers that I know are not interested in that kind of money, including my son-in-law. Small claims court is where you want to go. I,ve done it several times with very good results. Also consider criminal charges for fraud.
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    What State are you/he domiciled in?
    For a few grand you will need to file this in small claims court.
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    Exactly. You'll have to spend tens of thousands in lawyer fees to take that course, no lawyer will agree to take a case like this for a cut of a few grand. Which is what the scum sucker who ripped you off relies on.

    Small claims court and let the authorities know.
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    Lawyers don't care about small money like this.

    1. Do you have a signed contract?

    Yes, take it to small claims court.

    No, you made a mistake and learned a lesson.
  9. If you only lost a few thousand dollars, then either forget about it or consider small claims court if you feel you have a legitimate claim, as suggested by a prior respondent. If clearly defined promises were made (but not kept), then you should have known better, but you may wish to present your situation to a regulatory authority. However, you should only consult a lawyer in this matter if you wish to be an additional few thousand dollars lighter.

    Going forward, you should assume that 95% of all such vendors are full of shit. In so doing, you will be 95% correct.
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    coinz - is that you? i recognize the writing style.

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