Looking for a lawyer in London : litigation vs IB

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Citta, Feb 11, 2011.

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    In the context of a litigation vs IB, I am looking for a lawyer in London and... I dwell in France (I am a Frenchman).

    I made a first attempt:
    I joined 'ContactLaw' (a service of ThomsonReuters) who found a lawyier for me. (Joining 'ContactLaw' is free but, atferwards, 'ContactLaw' receives 15% on lawyer's fees.)
    This lawyer made me a proposal : XXXX £ as initial payment,
    and... well, nothing precise afterwards... So I could not get any - even rough- evaluation for the cost of the whole case [for a litigation which is not so extra-ordinary].

    I would like to contact lawyers directly - without an intermediary as 'ContactLaw'- and I would like to put those lawyers in competition.
    I would favor the one able to satisfy two conditions:
    being competent and bringing -at the beginning- a capped estimation of the cost for the whole affair, preferably with a fix initial amount, and -in case of success- a variable part.

    Because I am not familiar with english lawyers, I hope I can get some information here.