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  1. I just graduated college in December and am looking for a trading job where I can learn more. Currently, my job search is not going very well, I have applied to most job listings pertaining to trading online, but to no avail. It probably has something to do with my somewhat low GPA of 3.2 but I was mostly distracted in college due to trading and my fascination with markets. For the past 1.5 years, I have read elitetrader practically everyday.

    I am looking for a trading job that is mostly based on performance but not completely. I need some salary for security and complacency for my parents. I am fine with breaking myself in doing operations, but would need to move to a productive trading job within a year or two, as I would require some trading.

    As far as my qualifications go: I graduated Emory University with a BA in Economics with a 3.2. My SAT was a 790 math, 700 English. I had an assistant trader internship with Susquehanna during the summer trading options. I have been in the market for over 6 years, so I have experience in both up and down markets, but much of that time was fairly inactive. My approach is fairly quantitative, believing more in what I empirically test more than what I see or what my gut tells me. However, I still think that valuing a company does require subjectivity in the non-testable longer-term variables. Unfortunately I have little computer programing experience, so creating an application from scratch through C++ would be out of my league. I can tinker with Java code on an amateurish level though. I have traded US stocks, and futures with moderate success, and I must enter trading as a career path because I am consumed by the markets.

    Does the elitetrader community have any suggestions on how to improve my job search?

  2. Have preexisting connections in the business.
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    Move to a city like NYC. Thats what I did when I was in Orlando.
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    700 english + 790 math = 1490 SAT score? highest possible score is 1600?

    with all due respect, how did you end up at emory with such a good sat score?
  5. Emory is not such a bad school, although I was a little disappointed to get denied at Columbia, Wharton, and Duke.

    I talked to recruiting organizations in NY and Connecticut, and they say that they can get me interviews with hedge funds only if I live there. I am extremely willing to move to CT/NY, but I first want a secure job. It would be a colossal failure for me to move and pay high rent, etc. without a guaranteed job. Do you think that I should just take the gamble, and preemptively move there?
  6. No, never pre-emptively move. Just tell them that if you get a job then you will find an "extended stay" hotel to live in while you search for an apartment.

    There are "extended stay" hotels where you can stay at. They are everywhere and you dont have to buy furniture or sign a long term lease. You can also go on Craigs list and rent a room out of someone's house, although, I would probably just go the extended stay route if I were you. I see a lot of problems in living with people you dont know.

    If I were in your position and found a new job somewhere, I wouldnt sign any long term leases or buy any furniture until I was absolutely certain that things would work out in the long term. Usually you will find out after about 3 months if they want to keep or boot you or if you have the same desire to work there.

    If it were a job in NYC, then I would find a short-term sublet from Craigs list or even an extended stay apartment in Jersey or on Long Island and commute in.

    At any job anywhere, there are no guarantees. You could move there and then find out that you dont get along with the organization and be out of there in a week. Then your stuck with a signed lease and a truckload of newly bought furniture. Ugly.

    Just talk to the recruiter and negotiate this point.

  7. Well, that sounds like a no brainer, moving, if your current job search is not going well.
  8. consider signing up for CAIA, www.caia.org, very good networking opportunities.
  9. Thanks for the advice. Some conflicting feelings on moving...
  10. BTW. Be careful here.

    Most people who get consumed by the markets usually get pooped out by the markets shortly after.
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