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    Good morning, everyone.

    Sorry to address to you with such a 'spam' - I would appreciate if anyone could advise where I can place such a post to.

    We're a group of derivatives professionals who provide services and grant an access to Russian derivatives markets for everyone and to international derivatives exchanges to mostly Russian and CIS traders and investors. We have a solid technology basis and we have 4+ years experience in this business. Our clients hold more than $100 mio with us. We're located in London & Moscow to cover all the needs of our clients.

    There are some complicated matters happening with our holing company, so we're forced to look for another 'host' to drive our business to the new heights. We're interested in a high ranked institution which wolud intend to hire the entire team of professionals to break through to new markets or to strengthen its own business.

    Best regards.
  2. At that level it's probably more about connections and who you know, rather than asking around. During your work you must have built up some connections, with other institutions and/or teams no?

    Maybe you should have posted under "Classifieds" btw.
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    You might get more relevant replies in the "careers" section of nuclearphynace.com or wilmott.com, which seem focused on institution-ish quants and their issues.
  4. Identify the dozen or so institutions that are most likely to benefit from "acquiring" your group. Maybe the list starts with major bracket firms -- Morgan, Goldman, Credit Swiss etc. -- or maybe the next level down. The independent traders here at ET are unlikely to be of any help. Figure out the logical guy to contact at each firm. Send them a letter (not an email) wait a week and call them. Make it clear that while they might not be the right point of contact you will appreciate their help getting you to that person.

    If they perceive you have value in their terms they will talk. Just be sure what you offer is of tangible value TO THEM!!!