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  1. I have this friend who needs to find something to do to make a living. He just managed to get out of school. He is interested in either programming/IT or trading. His expectation is pretty basic, although he has deliverable background, experiences, tracking records, and references. If you are interested, please PM me and I'd be delighted to forward to you more information. Please remember serious discussion only. Thank you very much.
  2. The friend just wants to let you know that he is willing to go anywhere for a living, anywhere in North America, Central/South America, Asia, Europe, and Afria, you name it.

  3. My friend's friend's friend wants to tell your friend that this is not a job searching board.
  4. You are not really setting this guy up for success...
  5. why doesn't your friend know how to use the internet, and post on ET for him/herself??

  6. Why is it? Kind advice please. Thank you.

  7. This friend wants to use my name. Don't ask me why. Although I have the same question as you have, it is impolite for me to ask him directly.

  8. Well, please excuse me. I thought this is a classifield forum. As long as the content is related to trading or software, there should not be a problem. And people here are nice. Thanks.

  9. Why?
  10. just21


    I have an opening for an options trader!
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