Looking for a job Options/CBOE

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by LionTrader, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. I have been trading equities for 6 years, but went to try on brokerage for 7 months. I hated it.
    Now trying to get back into trading, but rather new venue for me in OPTIONS.
    If you know anyone (names, companies, whoever) who is looking for candidates and working through CBOE (either floor or upstairs) let me know .

    thanks in advance..much appreciated.

  2. The CBOE itself just chopped off a few people. I know of a firm here in NYC at the AMEX that may be hiring... PM me.
  3. http://www.thememoryhole.org/corp/finance/sec_amex_report.htm

    Be very careful with AMEX options. See link. Might be OK, but I believe they are sinking faster than any of the other 6 U.S. options exchanges in terms of volume.

    ISE options exchange is also based in NY if you have a geographical constraint.
  4. Yes, unfortunately (or fortunately?) I am tied in Chicago right now, and besides prop deals I don't where else to turn.
    Prop deals are one too many around here, and I was hoping for more structured environment.
    A place where I could learn options trading while having experience of trading equities to contribute to the company at the same time.
    I will start at the bottom if I have to, but do I need to? Job ads are a funny business, I would like to deal directly with someone or the company - just do not have good contacts.
  5. Hmm... this is tougher then I thought. Sending out resumes like paper is free. Still no luck. All of a sudden this profession is so damn hard to....get in.
    Wish me luck as my time is running out.
  6. Anyone? Hm...I smell desperation, and it's me. Since noone has replied with anything helpful, this leaves me to conclude that job market in our business is indeed tougher then I thought.
    I guess now I gotta learn programming and all the stuff to be competitive.