Looking for a job on wallstreet or CT, help !

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by needcareerhelp, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Hi guys ! I'm a known trader here ghosting :) . Actually looking, not to get out of the trading business, but I'm looking to get back into the finance field.

    I'm currently working on programming my system, as it can be traded mechanically, just w/ slightly less succes, and will be arranging for a party to moniter it while I am working.

    I've realized that I want a career. I'm young, in my mid 20's, with 2 years of experience in the financial field. Just having lots of difficulties breaking through.

    If anyone has any contacts in the NYC or Fairfield CT area that would be interested in helping me out, I'd appreciate it.

    I've got some known ETers that might vouch for me. PM's only please.

    Terrible time to get a job right now :(.

    I'll take entry level crap, I dont care. Just need a foot in the door. Figured I'd take a stab here on the firing block.

    Fire away guys, hehe.
  2. any of u think I'm wasting my time trying to find a job in this enviornment, and just wait 6 months or so ?
  3. "Wall Street" as we knew it has been blown-up.

    The jobs that currently do exist are being held on way to tightly, and no one knows if/when they will even have positions available for the next crop of students coming out of Ivy League schools.

    On top of that, the majority of the support help has been outsourced to India, and the Analyst and Assisant positions will be sent over there as well (at a cost of 1/10th of their American peers).

    So "Good Luck", you're gonna need it.
  4. "It is now possible for more people than ever to collaborate and compete in real time with more people on more different kinds of work from more different corners of the planet and on a more equal footing than at any previous time in the history of the world."


  5. The answer is yes you are wasting your time. Too much supply with shrinking current demand.
    Your young enough so get a job, save your trading stake, go into business for yourself and then maybe things will be better in a few years. Maybe then though you won't even want to go to the street.