Looking for a IB programmer (Excel)

Discussion in 'App Development' started by mskl, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. mskl


    Thanks again. This is something that is custom so I will inquire to see if they know IB's API and want a custom job.

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  2. fan27


    You might want to consider taking a step back and write down your requirements at a higher level without including the tech that can solve it. Then, evaluate the various technologies (i.e. python, excel, C#) that could solve the problem. You still might end up wanting to have the solution in excel but it will give you a good basis for knowing you likely made the right decision.
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  3. mskl


    thanks. will do
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  4. sillyw10


    you seem to have a lot of experience based on your posts..so why do you need market scanners and complicated programming if the same results..or not better..can be achieved by concentrating on a single market..or a very small number of trading instruments?
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  5. mskl


    You need to see the whole marketplace when you are doing different types of arbitrage.

    I'd never do well looking at one market (not my thing)
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  6. tonyf


    Thanks for that. I now see that the API comes with a NewTwsDde spreadsheet.

    Would you know what this new release offers on top of the "standard" TwsDde?
    #16     Mar 26, 2019