Looking for a IB programmer (Excel)

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    IB just came out with functionality in their latest API (975) that allows for new market scanners. Although it works in the new sample activeX spreadsheet - it isn't robust for larger data sets. I require the data in Excel.

    Send me a private message if you are interested and I will send more details

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    Please share details. I am a programmer but new to this forum, No sure how to send pm
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    Search on www.upwork.com for a programmer with IB and excel experience. You will find plenty.
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    You'll find a lot of guys from India who say they can program anything, then will ask what IB stands for...
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  6. WTF are these hourly rates. Nerds are so stupid.
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    I appreciate your response. I have used upwork/freelancer many times over the years and my experience has been less than good overall. I did the search a couple days ago and found the same guy and he was honest about it saying:
    "This looks like an interesting project, but I am specializing in the python IB API and I have no experience with direct interaction with Excel, sorry."

    Like do8 said - most are not honest and will tell you they can do it but you find out quickly that they have no clue.

    The other option is to hire a bigger firm but the project itself is pretty small so that is why I'm trying other avenues first. Will try IB's Investors' Marketplace as well
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    It shouldn't be a big issue to use Python and output the results in Excel but that might not be what you need. I suppose you could just as well have a very basic GUI from which you can send the scanner queries to IB and return the results to Excel.
    I think very few work with Excel as it's a pain and the stability issues persist.
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    My programming experience is limited to Excel (I'm >50). I'm not competing with the sub second traders so I'm happy with data that is at 1990 standards. Excel was the standard in those days - heck we used to run our Index Arb using Excel. Our program trading would run alphabetically so once the basket would start (it would take about 5+ seconds to run A to Z) - so traders on the floor had time to enter orders manually in front of our baskets for securities with symbols at the bottom of the alphabet (hard to imagine that today isn't it?)

    It's not the data that is the key as everyone knows about the data - it's what you do with it that is important and something that I protect. Once in Excel - I can do what I want even if it is 1-2 seconds slower than most. So - yes I may require a GUI.

    I had a RTD server built for me built in the early 2000's. The program worked for about 5-6 different data vendors. I purchased it from a notable Chicago software vendor, cost me over $100K but it was built using Windows 98 (if i recall) and it broke with Windows 10. Unfortunately the software vendor is no longer in business but I contacted the owner (who is now big shot for a HFT firm) and he didn't have the source code. This is something I should have asked for. He thought it was hilarious that I was still using it and was willing to pay for the source code. Thankfully, I eventually found someone who created a patch so that it worked with Windows 10. The hardest thing re trading for me -is not the trading itself but getting the data in Excel I want at an affordable price.
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    Look at the data sources that www.deriscope.com and www.marketxls.com support.

    www.worldtradingdata.com was very reasonable. Deriscope uses this source to get data into excel.
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