Looking for a good trading firm for my needs- any recos?

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  1. Hey all-

    If some of you can recommend a good trading firm for what I need, I'd greatly appreciate it. More about me and what I'm looking for:

    Opening Orders (need automated software to enter and exit trades)
    Scalping (manual)- need fast execution platform
    Black Box Trading (need a good API and ideally, programmers that I can work with to integrate my system with the new platform)
    Currently about 500K to 1 M shares per month trading volume, higher in very active markets.
    Ability to bring in a group that can increase the monthly shares substantially
    The cheaper the commissions and margin interest, the better
    Will fund account with approx. 30K
    Need intraday leverage sufficient to place lots of orders (usually away from market that never get executed- probably about 30-40X intraday leverage, although the most I'll use is likely @500K)
    Don't want to hang my series 7 at the firm....(need it at my current B/D for brokerage, but B/D does not have trading platform, hence my request)

    If any of you have any suggestions, please let me know. I think Echo and Assent might be good. I know Bright has automated OO software through Pair Co, but I'd ideally not like to spend $1K on it (unless it's a really good program)- the only drawback to Bright from what I understand is that their commish and haircut are way higher than industry averages. If that's not true, let me know!!

    Anyone can feel free to PM me if you don't want to post on the board.

    Thanks in advance for your help gentlemen and I look forward to your replies.
  2. Credit Risk

    Also, any comments on credit risk associated with the firms would be much appreciated. There are postings on ET about various prop firms effectively not paying out. And if these comments can please detail whether this risk is only a case if you are trading within an entity of the firm i.e. an LLC that many traders trade under that is managed by someone associated with the firm. thx!
  3. Not true at all...compared to any serious firm, who allows big BP (including overnights), and is safe and secure.

    Not going to get into a battle with Maverick here or anything, but feel free to call to chat. 702.739.1393

    Series 7 is a requirement (we allow dual registrations).

    (Mav, you're up, LOL)

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  5. any firms where I don't have to hang my 7? not sure if the current B/D will be so keen on a dual registration....
  6. We could set an example for the Middle East, eh? Friendly rivalry is much better than throwing rocks at each other. LOL.

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