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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by ariva308, Oct 24, 2005.

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    Looking for a good FX platform that will allow me to "demo" the product for a month at least if not two. Does anyone have any suggestions out there?

  2. I am demoing CMS VTrader and it has really nice charting.

    And to my surprise TRADE ALERTS.

    Today I got 150 pips in Free Trade Alerts, today.

    Anyway there are a lot of nice platforms out there.
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    do you have a link to their website? Thanks.
  4. http://cmsfx.com/en/

    Thats the web site.

    Take a look at all the chart studies, they have.

    I cannot find a better charting software.

    By the way I was long early 10-25 the GBP/USD. (insomnia kicks in sometimes)

    Look at the chart about 3am time frame.

    10 lots got me $10900 on paper.

    Of course I'm not a crazy man, I would no way in hell be trading 10 real lots, maybe 4 for real 109 pips

    And the software Alerted, me to the Short USD/JPY while I was at it at the same time snatched down another $450, 45 pips.

    So the software is fine, my mentor, trained me well.

    This software will help you make a living.
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  6. Onanda Is a Browser Executions system and its good if your stuck at work. No free Standing software to download, so you don't have to fight a proxy and firewall.
  7. why are all these forex platforms JAVA based? is it me, or is JAVA slow, cumbersome and clumsy and erratic in response, and prone to locking up or putting one's PC to sleep?
  8. I agree. why can't they use charts like Yahoo or BigCharts?


    And you should be able to place Forex orders as easy as option/stock orders without special software.
  9. If you carry over 512Ram you probably wont have a problem, with lockups.

    If you buy new get a gig of Ram.

    I have 752 Ram on an old 1.4 AMD, its so old I probably wont upgrade it anymore just buy a new computer.
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    Ive noticed the java issue myself and I have 1gb ram.

    Oanda hangs slightly if you quickly do a high volume of transactions.. ex. place 40-50 Buy or Sell limit orders and the system will act very choppy and unresponsive.

    Its not a huge issue as simple logout/login resolves it.. but it is an issue none the less!

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