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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mcelitetrader, Jan 24, 2006.

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    I need to find a good clock that I can trust and doesnt fiddle too much with my system. I have my clock in my windows xp taskbar but i want one that i can enlarge as the day closes out.

    I dont want to have to look at my time and sales clock all day for the last five minutes before close. Any ideas...anyone use a good clock that they want to recommend.
  2. Get a VERY big round wall clock and put it behind your monitor..ull always know what time it is
  3. Well I happen to have a reaaly nice..... oh clock.... with an L... sorry, my eyes are not working too well today...:D
  4. mc..why do u want to enlarge it ??
  5. Get a stopwatch or a watch or clock with some type of alarm(sound). Set it for whatever time you want to be alerted. I use a watch and have it chime 2x a day for me to cut down on my size.
  6. my brother in-law got me a great Christmas present this year.
    It's an atomic clock/in-door, out door thermometer.

    It's pretty cool set up and the clock gets a radio signal from the Atomic clock in Ft Collins, CO...so you know you always have the correct time.
    The time display is approx 4x6in.
  7. Examples: http://www.digitalgiftstore.com/clocks-acwalclochre.html

    I have one of these La Crosse wall clocks and it works great
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    Get Tclock.exe, and atomtime to sync it. You can look it up.
  9. XP has the NTP auto-sync feature built-in ("Internet Time" tab on the date/time app)
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